Voodoo Chopper

Voodoo Chopper, there is something about bad boys that makes them good. A bad boy can still help to cook dinner, he just needs some bad boy equipment to help him do it. Take for example his knife set, you can hardly expect him to go all googly over the sabatier knife collections, and it’d be a bit to much to allow him to take his machete into the kitchen now could you, so what does that leave you with? I’d suggest that voodoo knife block might be a god starter for 10… voodooknifeblock.eu has some fine examples.

There is another reason of course, it is called “the ex” because it can inflict voodoo revenge upon the object. Of course, there are hints of bdsm involved here too, after all the idea of a bit of knife play can float more than a few of the bad boy’s boats! And when you combine that with the Mickey Roarke type of cooking we might well have the ultimate present for your man. He will be making you cheese sandwiches before you know it!

So what is the voodoo knife block I hear you say? Well, it looks cool and holds five knives. But it is the voodoo aspect that you’re going to be interested in. I heard a true story of the time when it was used as punishment, not by actually stabbing the bad boy, but rather by using the voodoo doll to inflict a slow and steady punishment upon him. The trick with the voodoo knife block is to think about the person/persons that you intend to inflict the damage upon as you slide in the knife. This is not about anger, this is about controlled aggression, perhaps it is more zen than it is voodoo. The slower you can push in the steel blade into the knife block, the better it is going to be working.

voodoo knife block

There is of course no certainty that the very tool you buy for revenge doesn’t simply get used back upon you. That could well be considered karma, bringing voodoo, Hinduism and Zen all into the same action – a coming together of world religions over the top of a knife block.

You can of course simply use it to cut carrots with if you want – if you’re scared of the voodoo, but there have been reports that it can actually do its voodoo work without you touching the thing, a sort of auto-voodoo!!! So be scared of your knife holder and show it a bit of respect please!